De Lancie Joins Mind Puppets

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Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s John de Lancie is one of the ensemble cast members for a new comedy, Mind Puppets.

In Mind Puppets, a public act of hypnosis goes wrong when the “Great Master” falls unconscious on stage, leaving five victims “stuck under a permanent state of mind control.”

The Great Master’s daughter Sophie, and Alex the paramedic must find a way to return these five hypnotized people back to normal. Those hypnotized include: “a kid trapped in an adult’s body, a prophet, a pregnant woman, who is really a man, and a gorgeous woman in a constant drunken state.”

De Lancie joins Kevin Pollak, Vinnie Jones, Esme Bianco, Dan Franzese, Bill Brochtrup, and Jack Axelrod.

Mind Puppets will begin production at month-end.

Source: Variety

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