Warp Speed: The Sci Fi Parody To Go Off-Broadway

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Warp Speed: The Sci Fi Parody will go off-Broadway once it finishes its Midtown International Theater Festival appearance this summer.

“Audience response has been so staggering”, said Executive Producer Benjamin Simpson, “that we are considering moving the show sooner than expected.”

Warp Speed: The Sci Fi Parody is the story of the “misadventures through space of the crew on the Starship Interstellar: Dr. Connie Von Evul finds herself newly employed on the Interstellar and quickly overwhelmed by the hyper and flirty Captain Jerk and his eclectic crew.

“They are soon distracted, however, by the distress signal from another ship, The Valiant. Jerk directs the crew to go after their fellow ship, but in the process they run into a radioactive field, which mysteriously gives Dr. Vonevul and crewmember Conrad Badguy special powers that slowly take over their sanity as they begin to take over the ship. Will they be able to retain their humanity? Who will win Dr. Vonevul’s heart? Will Schlock be able to overcome his Uncomfortable Bowel Syndrome to find love? And why is Jerk such a dick? All this and more will be answered in Hoch and Thorpe’s Fon Porr Fest of a musical Warp Speed: the Sci Fi Parody Musical!”

Written by Clara Hoch and Eva Thorpe, Warp Speed: The Sci Fi Parody will be directed by Christopher Noffke. Casting for the show will begin later this spring.

For more information, head to Warp Speed‘s website and Facebook page.

Source: Broadway Worldvia Press Release

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