Star Trek Starships Collection For Australians

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For Australian Star Trek fans waiting for the release of the Star Trek Starships Collection in their country, the good news is that the collection will launch in Australia at month-end.

Each die-cast hand-painted ship come with a magazine which provides details of the ship, annotations, technology on board the ship, crew, weapons, behind-the-scenes articles regarding the construction of the ship, design sketches, shooting model(s) information and a history of the appearance of the ship on screen.


Australian subscribers to the Starships Collection will receive free gifts with their subscription, including a Star Trek binder, digital magazine editions of the print magazines included with each ship, a dedication plaque, a Borg Cube and a future Enterprise-D model. The binder and online magazine will be available with the first ship delivery. The dedication plaque will arrive with the second delivery. The future Enterprise-D ship will be shipped with the fourth ship delivery, and the Borg Cube will come with the sixth ship delivery.

The first five ships in the series include the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, NCC-1701 (2271), Klingon Bird of Prey, Enterprise NX-01, and the Romulan Warbird.

The Trek ships are available via subscription (beginning March 31), or singly through local newsagents. Ships and magazines will arrive every two weeks, and will cost $19.99 Australian plus $1.00 Australian shipping and handling. The first two ships/magazines will be discounted ($3.99 Australian and $12.99 Australian respectively).

To find out more, head to the link located here.

Source: Press Release

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