Shatner: Twitter Quitter



William Shatner surprised his Twitter following recently by announcing his departure from the social network.

But then, the next day, he changed his mind, and returned to his 1.8 million followers.

Late Wednesday, Shatner posted and said, “My Dear friends, after much deliberation I’ve made the decision to leave Twitter. It’s not an easy decision but it’s the right one for me.

“I wish you all my very best.”

Yesterday, Shatner was back, and explaining what had prompted his decision to leave and why he had returned. “Made a bad midnight decision,” he said. “Pressured by too many things on my plate. In a pique, I quit Twitter. Boy did I make a mistake.”

It might be that he got tired of some of the behaviors that one typically finds online. “Hmmm,” he said, “goading Misha and Adam, returns hours later, driven off by haters, gone Jabberwocky with that Looking Glass Chick… #absurdities”

At any rate, whatever the reason, the Shat is back, and wanted people to know that “…today is National Coconut Torte Day! And tomorrow is National Potato Chip Day! Cake and chips.”

OK then….

Source: Shatner's Twitter Feed

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