Star Trek Office Products

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A new range of Star Trek home and office products will allow fans to express their love of Star Trek at the office.

The products come courtesy of Icon Heroes.

Three of the four products recently announced will debut in the third quarter of this year, while the fourth product, Original Series Sticky Note Cubes will arrive at the end of the year.

The Star Trek Logo Bookends will let fans secure their favorite books or DVDs in Trek style. Made of poly stone and hand-painted, the two bookends measure approximately 6.5″ H 7.25″ W and 4″ D.

The Spock Hand Business Card Holder will hold business cards securely. Also made of poly stone and hand-painted, the card holders are approximately 6.5″ H 4.5″ W and 2.5″ D.

For Klingon fans, the Klingon D’k Tagh Letter Opener will let fans “stab those pending bills” with the “warrior’s blade.” Made of a sturdy zinc alloy metal, the letter opener measures 8″ H x 3″ W x .4 D.

At the end of the year, the Original Series Sticky Note Cubes, which come in gold, blue or red, will debut. Each cube measures 3″ L x 3″ W and contains four hundred sheets.

Source: The Trek Collectivevia Icon Heroes

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