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A new 3-D independent sci-fi movie features Star Trek: Voyager‘s Robert Beltran.

TrekToday spoke with Mr. Beltran and Producer/Director Michael Taverna about the movie.


Resilient 3-D is set in 2052, where “amidst an endless stream of natural disasters, the Earth Union President activates the Exodus Program. Theoretical Physicist Dermot Turner (Beltran) is tasked to lead the Program and move the human race to Europa, Jupiter’s moon, which has been discovered to have an ocean teeming with life. Dermot, whose wife Claire (Ayelet Zurer) has just died in a tornado in California, travels to Mars to seek the help of Adele (Virginia Madsen), the leader of a human settlement. If their joint effort fails to develop the architecture for a safe journey to Europa, mankind desperate for survival will be forced to invade Mars and battle the inhabitants who do not want their new world destroyed by billions of unsustainable newcomers. With war days away, Dermot returns to Earth to continue searching for a solution — forever Resilient. This Sci-Fi film is both a love story between a man and a woman, and mankind and Mother Earth.”

“I look forward to play[ing] a man who has his head in the clouds, not just his body,” said Beltran. “Resilient 3D is fundamentally a story about loving the planet and loving life. Those who enjoyed Star Trek: Voyager will find themselves once again engaged.”


Set to begin shooting in Canada next month, Resilient 3-D will be partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, which will help to pay for the visual FX, which will include the journey from Earth, to Mars, to Europa. As is usual with Kickstarter campaigns, various perks are included which range from acknowledgments to a dinner with Beltran and a “surprise Star Trek: Voyager dinner guest.”

The Kickstarter campaign, which runs through mid-March, can be seen here. Concept photos for Resilient 3-D can be seen here, as well as a short video message from Beltran to his fans.



Interview with Robert Beltran and Michael Taverna:

TrekToday to Mr. Beltran: “What attracted you to this project?”

Mr. Beltran: “Well it always begins with the script, the story, and this is the best script that I’ve had the privilege of being associated with. It’s a great script, and the fact that I’ve worked with [Director] Michael Taverna before and we have a good working relationship, that’s the initial attraction for me.”

TrekToday: “Who is Dermot Turner? What makes him tick?”

Mr. Beltran: “Dermot Turner is a Theoretical Physicist, I can say that probably three times a day and that’s all! No, a Theoretical Physicist, which means he’s employed in dealing with issues of interplanetary, cosmological, galactic science…He has a special mission that is handed to him, that he may or may not be capable of achieving and it causes him great, great distress. What makes him ‘tick’ really is a love for humanity, basically.’

TrekToday: “Do you believe that we could end up in a future where humanity is in peril due to climate change? Why or why not?

Mr. Beltran: “Yes. Of course we could, on several levels. We have evidence of global warming, which could only get worse and worse. Also, if there was some kind of political military catastrophe, like someone shooting off some nuclear arms, we would be facing a kind of nuclear winter for years where it would be very hard to grow anything and live. So it’s very possible on several levels, and I just hope that we’re never confronted with that.”

TrekToday: “What do you want viewers to take away from Resilient 3D?”

Mr. Beltran: “Well I would hope that they would take away the fact that us human beings are resilient. We have brains, we have creativity, we have a mind that can overcome any challenges, I believe. I would hope that people would have less fear about the future and be more optimistic.”

TrekToday: Thank you, Mr. Beltran!

TrekToday also spoke with Producer/Director Taverna about Resilient 3D.

TrekToday: “What gave you the idea for Resilient 3D?”

Mr. Taverna: “Actually the idea originally came from way back; the substance of it is when people go, when people die, the presence of them really stays with you for long after that. And so that is in the core of the film. [In Resilient 3D] When Claire goes, when Claire dies in this tornado, she remains in Dermot’s [Beltran’s] mind long enough to guide him to a solution, through his troubles, to his work.”

TrekToday: “Why is Resilient 3D filmed in 3D as opposed to being filmed as a traditional movie?”

Mr. Taverna: “Well for starters, [with] the 3D, you would expect that in a Sci-Fi film, indeed it is the perfect medium for the future and for Sci-fi. Secondly, around the world more than in the US most theatres are in 3D. Finally we felt that if we could do lower budget 3D the independent filmmaker would have access to more theatrical venues that currently they do not.”

TrekToday: “What do you want viewers to take away from Resilient 3D?”

Mr. Taverna: “I would like people to be able to look at earth from a distance and see it as one place, an isolated place in the universe…the only place that is actually blue and with water, and therefore having seen how fragile that world is, take better care of it.”

TrekToday: “Thank you, Mr. Taverna!”

Resilient 3D will be ready for release towards the end of this year.

Source: Press Release

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