Trek Family Car Decals



For Trek fans who also like the family figure decals often seen on the back window of some cars, ThinkGeek is offering the Star Trek Family Car Decals.

The decals, based on the original series, offer over two dozen figures, including aliens.

The characters include the seven main characters plus Nurse Chapel and Yeoman Rand, a female Romulan, an Andorian, Gorn, Isis, male Klingon, Orion female, M-113 Creature, Mugato, and Tribble.

A set of five shorter characters include Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Chekov and Nurse Chapel.

These “cling-ons” come as a set of thirty-two; purchasers will receive one of each except for the Tribbles (six are included), and short Kirk, Spock, and Chapel (two each are included).

The set sells for $14.99 on ThinkGeek.

Source: ThinkGeek

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