January Ortiz Art Prints

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The newest batch of prints featuring the art of Juan Ortiz has been announced.

The four prints for January include: The Galileo Seven, The Enemy Within, Wolf in the Fold, and The Apple.

Ortiz spoke about this month’s prints, explaining what inspired each print and which one was his favorite of the quartet.

For The Galileo Seven, Lost in Space was the inspiration. “[The Galileo Seven] has been compared to an episode of Lost in Space, where the Robinson family encounters a giant Cyclops,” said Ortiz. “That’s actually because the Star Trek episode brings back memories of the Lost in Space model kit that I had as a kid, which is what the poster is based on.”

For The Apple, Ortiz drew inspiration from the Bible. “This one started with a full image of Vaal, the snake-headed computer, being fired upon by the Enterprise,” he said. “But I was also inspired by the word ‘apple’ in the title. So the serpent’s eye represents the snake from the Garden of Eden.”

Which print is Ortiz’s favorite this month? “I may go with Wolf in the Fold,” Ortiz said. “I like the colors and the simple depictions of the elements.”

The Ortiz prints are available at the StarTrek.com store.

Source: StarTrek.com

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