Vulcan Harp App for IPad

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A new app for iPad from CBS Interactive and Shiverware will let Trek fans play their own Vulcan harps.

The Star Trek Vulcan Harp app for iPad is a replica of Spock’s harp and features a six-and-a-half octave range.

Trek fan Katherine Kelly came up with the idea for the app. “I’ve always wanted to own a Vulcan harp, but the prop-style harps are either decorative or just have acoustic strings, and they rarely come up for sale,” she said. “A digitized Vulcan harp with working dials is not only cool but, dare I say, fascinating.”

The Vulcan harp features fifteen vibrating strings, five instrument sounds (from futuristic to classic harp), the six-and-a-half octave range in five octave banks, and other custom controls.

“What sets this app apart from the other musical apps we’ve built is the application’s pure beauty and fan following,” said Brett Park, lead developer at Shiverware.” We hope Trekkers will love it, but musicians will also get a kick out of it.”

The Star Trek Vulcan Harp app is available at the Apple App Store for $1.99.


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