Takei Twits Shatner On Conan Show



Another Star Trek actor appeared on last night’s Conan show; George Takei.

Takei spoke about the new Star Trek reboot, explaining what if any roles were appropriate for the original series actors. He then gave Conan a demonstration of the exercise routine he does daily to keep in shape.

In explaining that the original series actors for the most part are a bit past it to be appearing in an action movie, Takei took a swipe at William Shatner. “We were no longer relevant to the new audience,” he explained. “Can you imagine Bill Shatner running down those corridors like Chris Pine did? That’s not a pretty sight!”

“You’re never afraid to go after old Bill Shatner,” said Conan, laughing.

Conan wanted to know why the seventy-six-year old Takei was still in such good shape and Takei explained that he did daily sit-ups and push-ups. When asked, he proceeded to give an on-air demonstration of his push-up technique.

Source: Press Release

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