New Trek-Themed Merchandise

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For those looking for holiday gifts, several new Star-Trek themed items will be of interest.

The Trek-themed items include wine stoppers, a cookie jar, and a clock.

CookieJar121013The Star Trek Wine Stoppers come courtesy of Westland Giftware, and there are three different ones; the Enterprise Wine Stopper, the Kirk Wine Stopper, and the Spock Wine Stopper.

Each four-inch-high wine stopper costs $13.00, and can be ordered here.

Next up is the Warp Drive Cookie Jar. Looking like a fat Enterprise NCC-1701, the Warp Drive Cookie Jar is almost six inches tall and sells for $57. To order the cookie jar, head to the link located here.

The Starfleet Wall Clock will ensure that one is never again late. The Trek clock features McCoy, Spock, Kirk and the USS Enterprise.

Twelve inches in diameter, the Starfleet Wall Clock sells for $31.00, and can be ordered here.


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