More Official Starships Collection Ships



Images of two of the new ships to be offered in the Star Trek The Official Starships Collection have been released.

The ships this time include two seen in the Dominion War.

Issue Thirteen of the collection includes a Jem’Hhadar battlecruiser, which was seen on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and is the equivalent size-wise of a Galaxy class starship. This collection includes a magazine which profiles both the ship and the Jem’Hadar.

Issue Fourteen includes a Galor class Cardassian warship, also seen in Deep Space Nine. The accompanying magazine profiles the Galor class, the Cardassians, and shows Rick Sternbach‘s concept drawings of the ship model.

UK subscribers will receive these ships in February 2014, with US subscribers to get theirs a month later. For more information on the Star Trek The Official Starships Collection, head to the link located here.


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