More Dog Trek-themed Products

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Several more items for dogs courtesy of Crowded Coop can now be pre-ordered.

TrekToday reported about some of the items earlier this autumn; including toys, leashes, collars, and a dog bed.

The latest items include shirts and hoodies for dogs, an original series communicator dog bag dispenser, dog bowls, chew toys and another dog bed.

The Star Trek The Original Series Captain Kirk Uniform Dog Shirt will let Fido express his owner’s Trek fandom. The shirt, which sells for $14.99, also comes in blue or red, and for a female dog, comes in an Uhura red dress style.

The Star Trek The Original Series Spock Dog Hoodie will help keep Fido’s real ears warm, while showing off pointed ears on the hoodie. The Spock Dog Hoodie comes in blue and is $39.99.


The Star Trek The Original Series Communicator Dog Bag Dispenser will come in handy during those necessary walks to answer the call of nature. Four-and-a-half-inches in length, the “communicator-ish dog bag dispenser,” which will sell for $19.99, “is small enough to be convenient yet large enough to hold a goodly number of bags.”

The other new items include dog bowls, which sell for $19.99 each and come in blue, red, and gold; a USS Enterprise chew toy ($14.99), rope chew toy ($14.99), and another dog bed ($69.99).

All of these items, due out early next year, can be ordered here.

Source: Entertainment Earth

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