March 2014 IDW Publishing Trek Comics



Next spring, three Star Trek comics and comic collections will be released.

The comics include Star Trek #31, Star Trek: Gold Key Archives: Vol 1 HC, and Star Trek: Volume 7.

Star Trek #31 will be the first part of a brand-new two part “adventure set within the continuity of the blockbuster Star Trek films.!” In Star Trek #31, “Captain Kirk and the crew have never faced a threat like the one they face now: their own ship. Don’t miss the first chapter of I, Enterprise, overseen by Star Trek writer-producer Roberto Orci!”

Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Erfan Fajar, and a cover by Gerry Gastonny, Star Trek #31 will be thirty-two pages in length and sell for $3.99.

Star Trek: Gold Key Archives: Vol 1 HC is a collection of the “first comic book adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise and her crew! Fully re-mastered and with a new throwback cover, Star Trek Gold Key Archives, Vol. 1 collects issues #1-6.”

Star Trek: Gold Key Archives: Vol 1 HC was written by Arnold Drake, and George Kashdan, with art by Nevio Zaccara, Alberto Giolitti, and Giovanni Ticci.

In Star Trek: Volume 7, “war breaks out across the stars as the Klingon and Romulan Empires fight for supremacy, with the Enterprise caught in the middle! This issue collects issues #25-28 of the ongoing series of original stories set after the events of Star Trek into Darkness.

Written by Mike Johnson, with art and cover by Erfan Fajar, Star Trek: Volume 7 will be one hundred-and-four pages long, and will sell for $17.99.

Source: Comics Continuum

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