Spiner: Weapons No!



Although he had no problem using a phaser on Star Trek: The Next Generation, in real life, Brent Spiner is not keen on weapons.

The actor got into an exchange recently with some of his Twitter followers, where he made his views known on the matter of gun ownership.

When a poster said that he looked forward to the day that no shooting would be reported after a recent shooting incident, Spiner said “or…wait for it…no guns.”

“If you’re not going to shoot them, why do you need them?” he asked another poster.

One woman explained that where she lived, many residents actually hunted for food, using rifles. Although Spiner saw “the sense” in having a rifle, “for hunting food,” he preferred that “we feed people” instead.

The Second Amendment didn’t impress Spiner either, who appears to consider it outdated by his “The British are coming!!!” reply to someone who posted the wording of the amendment on Twitter.  Gun owners are “dangerous,” said Spiner.

Source: Twitchy

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