Pegg’s New Creativity

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Simon Pegg‘s new creativity is due to giving up something he once embraced.

The actor credits going on the wagon with changing his life for the better, and explained why he had to do so.

“I’ve got to do all or nothing” said Pegg. “It can’t just be a glass of wine with dinner. I’d wanna go out and get beered up again. And I’m happy to be saved from that.”

Pegg denied that his work with Nick Frost involves alcohol in any way. “People always say, ‘Oh did you come up with that in the pub?’ You never have good ideas in the pub! Unless you’re someone like Shane MacGowan! Or someone for whom it is a creative fuel.”

“I wasn’t funny when I was drunk or stoned or whatever,” Pegg added; “So, yeah, not drinking is definitely an aid to creativity.”


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