November Ortiz Art Prints

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The next batch of original series artwork from Juan Ortiz is available now.

This month’s posters are taken from the following episodes: A Private Little War; I, Mudd; By Any Other Name, and The Conscience of the King.

Ortiz spoke about this month’s posters, and revealed which one was his favorite. For A Private Little War, the Mugato was the focus of the poster. “What I like about this one is how the white of the Mugato and the white negative space creates a shape across the center of the page and how the Mugato appears to fade into the background,” he said. “The Enterprise crewman forms within a beam that mimics the Mugato’s horns.”

I, Mudd, like Mudd’s Women, was “both inspired by the romantic comedies of the 50’s and 60’s,” said Ortiz. “It wasn’t until I added the hand that I felt I was able to convey that sense of lightheartedness.”

Ortiz’s favorite poster of the four is A Private Little War, and the artist explained why. “Because a Mugato is tough to beat,” he said.

The prints come in a set of four, and are printed on one-hundred-pound satin-finished paper. Each print is eighteen by twenty-four inches, and the set will sell for $34.95. To purchase, head to the link located here.

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