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Two new Star-Trek themed items will be of interest to fans of models and apparel.

The newest offerings include ship models and Star Trek: The Next Generation women’s jumpsuits.


Two new ships will be available next year, part of the Star Trek The Official Starships Collection line. They include Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan‘s USS Reliant, and an Akira class ship.

The USS Reliant is based on the original and CG models of the Miranda class ship built for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. As with all the ships in this collection, an accompanying magazine will give details on the USS Reliant, including original construction drawings, and model photography.

The Akira-class ship is taken from ILM’s CG model of the ship. The magazine included with this model includes designer Alex Jaeger‘s original concept drawings.

Star Trek The Official Starships Collection is a subscription-based collection, details of which can be found here.


Next up is Anovos’ Star Trek: The Next Generation Premier Line of Women’s Jumpsuits. Seen mostly in The Next Generation, and sporadically in Deep Space Nine and Voyager, the 100% jumbo spandex jumpsuits are dyed to match the production and screen-used samples from CBS Archives.

The jumpsuit features shoulder padding, a hidden back zipper, scalloped leg him, and elastic boot stirrups. Three colors are available: command burgundy, services gold/mustard, and sciences teal.

Sizes ranges from extra small to extra large. The jumpsuits can currently be pre-ordered for a February-March 2014 release date. Cost for each jumpsuit is $499.95, which is a discount from the $649.95 full price. To pre-order the TNG jumpsuit, head to the link located here.

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