New Deep Space Nine Station



Doug Drexler has unveiled designs for the new Deep Space Nine station.

The new station is to be built in a Starfleet, not a Cardassian, style.

The original station, built by the Cardassians and seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, has been destroyed in the continuing story of Deep Space Nine, and a new one is to appear in future stories.

“Where the original DS9 was designed over many months, this project would have to be completed in matter of weeks,” said Drexler. “My plan was to bring Andrew Probert in to flesh out the design, as described in the first novel, which would be written by David R George III.”

A published description of the new station explains how the new station will look. “Despite the radical design, it shared many characteristics with other Starfleet facilities: the gray-white surface of its hull, the curves and proportions of its components, the familiar lettering along one arc that read United Federation of Planets. The overall, essentially spherical shape of the station, though, reminded Ro of its predecessor. The new facility would ultimately comprise three rings, oriented at right angles to each other. They would all surround an inner sphere, connecting to it via half a dozen crossover bridges. The rings would provide docking and cargo services, while the sphere would house work, commercial, and residential sections.”

More images and sketches can be found on Drexler’s Facebook page.


Source: The Trek Collectivevia Doug Drexler's Facebook Page

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