Hertzler Takes On New Role

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Look out Ulysses, New York; a Klingon general will now be running your town!

J. G. Hertzler is branching out from acting, and recently ran for the Ulysses Town Board.

Introduced in August as “the only Klingon general living in Ulysses,” the actor is a staunch opponent of hydrofracking, and on his campaign website explained why. “[I ran] to have a direct voice in the future of this region,” Hertzler said. “I agree with Drs. Anthony Ingraffea and Robert Howarth of Cornell, in the Engineering and Chemistry departments respectively, that the new technology of fracking is not safe, nor is it economically desirable and should not be embraced for the future of the Finger Lakes. The immense and under-reported risks of environmental destruction of land, air and water quality due to this particular drilling technique is not compatible with human habitation and must not be allowed to happen here.

“I have invested everything I have in this home and I will not see it destroyed for the sake of short term profit by some oil and gas company based in Houston or Tulsa or Norway. I do believe in encouraging other business and industry here such as expansion of the vineyards and tourism, dairy farming, grain farming, and home building… all life-affirming and appropriate manner of development for our region.”

Other local issues also are of interest to Hertzler; such as education, and emergency services.

Hertzler was elected to a two-year term.

Source: Politics on the Hudson

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