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The winners of We Love Fine‘s Star Trek t-shirt design contest have been announced.

This second t-shirt design contest was judged by Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s LeVar Burton, and the Nerdist Podcast‘s Matt Mira.

There were seven winners in all; including the Grand Prize, three Judges’ Pick, and three runners-up. Over four hundred entries were received for the contest.

Kopec1The Grand Prize winner was David Kopet‘s Iconic Trek, seen at left, which featured the crews from the televised Star Trek shows, all on a yellow, red and blue saucer section of the Enterprise. Kopek snagged $1460 for his win.

Burton chose Tom BurnsElementary shirt as a Judges’ Pick. This shirt featured Brent Spiner and Burton in Elementary, Dear Data. Burns and the other Judges’ Pick winners each received $400 for their winning entries.

Mira chose Brian J. Smith‘s The Big Goodbye shirt design, which featured Picard, Beverly Crusher, and Data in the classic TNG holodeck episode.

The StarTrek.com Judges’ Pick award went to Derek Gurr, for his “Make it so” shirt, featuring Picard and the Enterprise.

The runners up include Cory Freeman‘s Noonien Soong, Dani Jone‘s Starfleet Girl, and Matt McLean‘s Riker Lean. Each runner up received $150.

All of the shirts are available for sale at We Love Fine, except for Gurr’s Make it so shirt, which can be found exclusively at StarTrek.com‘s store.

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Source: We Love Fine

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