Trek Cufflinks And Clips

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Several more Trek-themed items are now available courtesy of

The new merchandise includes cufflink sets and money clips.

One of the cufflink sets includes the Star Trek 3-D Communicators Cufflinks, which open up to show the inside of a communicator. These cufflinks are matte black plated with brass and enamel, and sell for $125 a pair.

Other cufflink sets include Live Long and Prosper Cufflinks (two different sets), Star Trek Klingon Cufflinks, Star Trek Logo Cufflinks, Star Trek Phaser Cufflinks, Star Trek Red Squadron Cufflinks, Star Trek Starfleet Academy Cufflinks, Star Trek Enterprise Cufflinks and more. Most of these sell for $65.00 a pair, and come in a Star Trek gift box.

There are also several Star Trek tie bars, and Star Trek money clips.

To see the full range of Trek-themed products, head to the link located here.


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