Star Trek: Khan #1 Sneak Peek

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Star Trek: Khan #1 arrives tomorrow, but fans can enjoy a preview of the issue now.

This inaugural issue of the Khan backstory is the first of six issues devoted to the genetic superman.

In Star Trek: Khan #1, the “new mini-series event overseen by Star Trek Into Darkness writer/producer Roberto Orci,” readers will “witness the shocking origin of Khan Noonien Singh from his earliest years through his rise to power during the epic Eugenics Wars,” including “the events that led to his escape from Earth aboard the Botany Bay,” and “the truth behind his re-awakening by Admiral Marcus and Section 31.”

Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Claudia Balboni, and a cover by Paul Shipper, the thirty-two page issue goes on sale tomorrow and will cost $3.99.

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Source: Comics Continuum

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