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Fans of the USS Enterprise Ring Ship seen in Star Trek into Darkness will be able to purchase a high-quality artisan replica beginning on Black Friday.

The USS Enterprise XCV-330 was one of the fourteen seen in Admiral Marcus’ office in the movie.

The USS Enterprise XCV-330 was meant as a precursor to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. Matt Jeffries designed the original XCV-330, which never made it into the original series as a ship, but appeared as artwork in both Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek: Enterprise.

The ship is made of cast resin, reinforced by metal armature, and hand-painted. Almost eight inches in diameter, the ship is twelve inches long and thirteen inches high when displayed a custom-built stand.

Only twenty-five of the USS Enterprise XCV-330 will be made, and each comes with a numbered plaque and will be packed in individual foam-padded boxes that will then be placed together in another larger box for additional protection.

Each of the USS Enterprise XCV-330s will also have commissioning papers signed by the QMX artisans who have built the ship. The price for this model, which is now in the pre-order phase, will cost $1,499.95.

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