Picardo in Twelve Angry Men

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Star Trek: Voyager‘s Robert Picardo will be appearing in the courthouse drama Twelve Angry Men.

Picardo will be taking on the role of “Juror Four” in this version of the classic play.

In Twelve Angry Men, a New York City jury must “determin[e] the verdict in a murder case in which a young man is accused of killing his father and faces the death penalty if found guilty. These dozen nameless men find themselves in the role of potential executioner, but first they must face themselves, their biases and their own sense of justice. What starts as an open-and-shut case soon twists into an edge of your seat drama as each juror begins to question how he should cast their vote.”

In this version of Twelve Angry Men, the cast will include six black and six white actors.

“I hope that our production of this great American classic will prompt serious dialogue onstage and off about the vitally important issue of race in America,” said Director Sheldon Epps. “In some quite startling ways, the play reflects issues that are daily in the headlines. It mirrors the ongoing challenges that come from assumptions and preconceptions that are, alas, still with us.”

Others in the cast include Jason George (Grey’s Anatomy) who will play Juror Eight, and Gregory North (Into the Woods) who will play Juror Three.

The play will run from November 5 through December 1 at the Pasadena Playhouse, in Pasadena, California. Star Trek fans can take advantage of a discount code (TREKKIE20) which will save them twenty percent on the price of select tickets (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8 PM showings; Sunday 7 PM showing; excluding Sunday November 10; all seats except Row D).

Tickets for the play can be obtained here.

Source: Press Release

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