October Ortiz Original Series Art Prints

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The latest original series art prints created by Juan Ortiz have been announced.

October’s batch includes posters based on The Squire of Gothos, Mudd’s Women, Obsession, and The Cloud Minders.

Ortiz spoke about creating this month’s posters and which one was his favorite. For The Squire of Gothos, “the noose was the hook,” said Ortiz. “I was able to build upon that one image. There is some Russian poster influence in this one also.

TSquire1he Squire of Gothos poster also featured guest star William Campbell, who portrayed Trelane in the episode. “I didn’t want the noose to be too central,” said Ortiz. “To me the poster was still about the trial and this photo of the actor was too perfect. But what sets this one apart from most is the written copy along the side.”

Ortiz’s favorite of this batch, Obsession, is a “tribute to Georges MélièsA Trip to the Moon,” said Ortiz. “The iconic image of the rocket hitting the moon in the eye from that film is, of course, replaced with Kirk and the Enterprise.”

Why does Ortiz like the Obsession poster? “All posters are meant to be viewed from a distance,” he said, “but this one in particular needs to be.”

The set of four prints, which cost $34.95, can be ordered here.

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Source: StarTrek.com

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