New Star Trek Posters

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Three new Star Trek posters from Bye Bye, Robot have been announced.

Two of the posters feature Deep Space Nine artwork, and one features a scene from the original series.

The Deep Space Nine posters celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the show. The first poster, DS9 20, created by Tracie Ching, features the main cast of Deep Space Nine and Garak.

The 18″ by 24″ lithograph on 100-lb paper will sell for $25.00.

The next two posters, both by Cliff Cramp, are Deep Space Nine, and A Good Day to Die. The first poster depicts the Deep Space Nine Station near the wormhole. This 18″ by 24″ poster will sell for $25.00.

The second poster, A Good Day to Die, measures 16″ by 24″ and features the USS Enterprise in battle with a Klingon battlecruiser. It will also sell for $25.00.

“The graphic style of Tracie’s print and the expressionistic style of Cliff’s prints play off of each other beautifully,” said Bye Bye, Robot Co-Founder Charity Wood. “We’re excited to be working with so many talented artists…each bringing their unique style to the Star Trek realm…offering different styles of art for different collectors’ tastes.”

The posters can be ordered here.


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