Kurtzman: Shake Things Up!



With Star Trek into Darkness now released on Blu-ray and DVD, attention is turning to the third installment of the Abrams reboot.

Co-writer Alex Kurtzman spoke about the status of the third film and what thoughts are going on in the writer’s heads.

“Things have changed a little bit,” said Kurtzman. “Damon [Lindelof] is working on other things now. J.J. is obviously doing Star Wars but is still very involved in the process of Star Trek and making sure the story is going correctly. It’s his baby as well, and I know that he looks at it that way. So it will be different this time, but that’s OK, because we’re on the third movie now and it’s OK to shake things up.”

The writers are not yet sure in which direction they want to go, because there are so many possibilities for a third story. “It’s overwhelming and daunting, because every time we think we’ve narrowed down a passageway, we come out the other side and realize there are two trillion more out there,” he said. “You want to choose the right ones. But we always imagined that we were creating an alternate timeline so we could play in harmony with canon. We can see things that were familiar, but also the events themselves might have minor differences, and sometimes major differences. I think that leaves us room to go either way and be unpredictable, which is the whole point of creating an alternate timeline. At the end of the day, because we give so much thought to what the stories are going to be and how to tell them, it’s ultimately about what feels right. Certainly our ears are open to what fans are saying about the show, the movies and our movies, so that all goes into the stew.”

Source: Blastr

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