Dorn In STO’s Sphere of Influence

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Michael Dorn will be voicing Worf in Star Trek Online’s Sphere of Influence episode.

In Sphere of Influence, players will “face a dangerous and powerful foe from a distant quadrant of the galaxy.”

Dorn spoke with about playing Worf again. The actor found it easy to slip back into the role of the Klingon, saying that he fell back into the role “fairly quickly. I’m afraid Worf is always lurking somewhere in the background of my psyche.”

Voice work is easier than acting in front of a camera for Dorn, who gave the differences between camera work and voice work as “no wardrobe, no makeup and it’s over fairly quickly so you still have time to have a life.”

According to Dorn, Worf feels no conflict between his loyalties to the Federation and to the Klingon Empire, who are at war in the Star Trek Online world. “Worf has learned he does not have to choose,” said Dorn. “Even if the writers on STO have him making statements to the contrary, I feel he feels that life is a journey and this is just a stop along the way. And maybe next year he’ll make a different choice and rejoin the Federation. You never know with Worf.”

Sphere of Influence will debut tomorrow.


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