Collectible Trek Die-cast Ship Models



A new set of collectible die-cast hand-painted Star Trek ship models will be released, beginning tomorrow.

The sixty-five-plus collection of ships comes courtesy of Eaglemoss.

A ship will be released every two weeks in this new collector’s club, and a twenty-page collector’s magazine giving ship details will accompany it. The details on each ship will include a profile of the ship, annotations, technology on board the ship, crew, weapons, behind-the-scenes articles regarding the construction of the ship, design sketches, shooting model(s) information and a history of the appearance of the ship on screen.

Some of the ships included will be: nine versions of the Enterprise, the Cardassian Hideki class, Romulan, Klingon, Dominion and Ferengi ships, Kremin Temporal Weapon, Equinox, Akira class ship and more.

The first of the six-inch-long ships to be released, the Enterprise NCC-1701-D, will cost $4.95, with following ships to cost $19.95 each.

To join the collector’s club, head to the link located here.


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