September Ortiz Art Prints

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Four new art prints featuring the original series-themed art of Juan Ortiz will debut this month.

This month’s posters are based on the following episodes: The Gamesters of Triskelion, The Enterprise Incident, Court Martial, and That Which Survives.

For the Court Martial poster, Ortiz used a chess theme. “Chess has always been an important element on Star Trek,” he said. “When we first meet Kirk, he’s playing chess with Spock. In Whom Gods Destroy, Kirk and Scotty use a passcode based on a chess move. In this episode Spock plays chess against the ship’s computer and is able to make a discovery that will later exonerate Kirk of negligence.”

The Gamesters of Triskelion poster looks like a magazine cover. “I wanted a paperback cover feel to this one, so I thought why not have a review on it,” said Ortiz. “The name of the fake magazine derived from the TV tubes used in the old TV sets.”

Ortiz’s favorite of this batch is The Gamesters of Triskelion poster. “Even though it has a lot going on, the limited colors would make it work in any room.”

To purchase the set which will sell for $34.95, head to the link located here.













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