Ortiz Trek Animated Series Posters

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Artist Juan Ortiz, creator of eighty art prints based on the original series, will now be making new posters based on Star Trek: The Animated Series.

Twenty-two prints based on The Animated Series episodes will be produced.

The first four prints have been revealed and include: Beyond the Farthest Star, Yesteryear, One of Our Planets Is Missing, and The Lorelei Signal.

Ortiz spoke about creating the posters for The Animated Series. “It was around the spring of 2013 when I created these,” he said. “I had the idea in my mind after finishing the TOS prints, but never really felt inspired to act on them. I even brought the DVD set to look at. It sat in my drawer for almost a year. When I finally looked into it, I was disappointed that there were only twenty-two episodes. I was hoping for a long project. It was still a challenge to create something different yet seemingly the same.”

Ortiz’s favorite of the first four pictures is Yesteryear. “Yesteryear is a classic episode,” he said. “I wanted something with emotion on this one. Originally, I just had Spock in a very stoic pose, but the image of young Spock and his pet sehlat makes more sense. The overlapping circles represent the passing of time as we focus on one particular moment.”

TrekToday will provide details on where to order the prints when the information becomes available.

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Source: StarTrek.com

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