Abrams: Khan, Pegg And Future Trek



J.J. Abrams explained why he insisted on secrecy regarding the villain of Star Trek into Darkness and on his conversation with Simon Pegg after Pegg went out and claimed that the villain was not Khan.

In addition, Abrams gave his thoughts on where Star Trek 3 will go.

Abrams made it clear that he never denied that the villain was Khan, and he had to set Pegg straight when Pegg did deny that it was Khan. “While I never said that it wasn’t Khan — and Simon Pegg went out and said, ‘It’s not Khan,’ I was like, ‘Simon, it kind of is Khan’ — we tried to not reveal it because we wanted people to experience it on their own,” said Abrams. “If you didn’t know Star Trek, it wouldn’t matter to you, and if you did, people wouldn’t have the story ruined for them going in. But it was important to us that we try and keep the experience of seeing the film fresh and fun, surprising for fans. We didn’t want to be coy, but it was important to us that we do everything to preserve the surprise for people watching the movie.”

The next film, already being written, will not be directed by Abrams, but he is still producing it, and he told fans what they might expect. “I think that in the next chapter, it will be very much kind of going past the experiences that are connected to sort of so deeply the preexisting stories,” he said. “That’s something that we knew we would want to do eventually, and it feels like the right time.”

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Source: Zap2it

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