Shatner: Trek TV For Inspiring The Young


In a new interview, William Shatner explained why it is important to try to get Star Trek back on television.

Shatner shared his thoughts during a promotional tour for his latest Star Trek documentary, The Captains: Close Up.

When asked if he believed that a new Star Trek television series would interest young people in both Star Trek and space exploration, the actor agreed.

J.J. Abrams has found the key to getting a large audience into the movie theater, and that’s the ride,” said Shatner. “So you get a lot of the CGI effects, which is the epic movie making aspect of today, whereas in Cecile B. Demille‘s time, you had to use real people. Now you don’t need to use real people and you can have infinity for God’s sake.

“That’s in order to get you into the theater, because the majesty of the movie is shown by the large screen. But when you get into the small screen, you need stories … entertaining, interesting, vital stories that have a philosophy and also have an excitement about them, so that the viewer stays with it, but receives the philosophy as a byproduct. Those were the best of Star Trek, those kinds of stories. And that kind of thing, there is always room for that. That kind of imaginative approach that stirs young people into wanting to be connected with science.”

Shatner is currently working on several projects, including a new album (Ponder the Mystery) due out in October, another book, and podcasts. When asked if he’ll ever slow down, Shatner said “I’ll peter out is what I’ll do; you know like the old Model A ‘Putt, putt, putt’ and then die.”

Source: Nerdbastards

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