August Ortiz Original Series Art Prints


Four new prints will be released this month featuring the art of Juan Ortiz.

The episodes covered this month are Journey to Babel, The Return of the Archons, Plato’s Stepchildren and The Mark of Gideon.

Ortiz spoke about the prints, explaining what inspired the art on each one. For Journey to Babel, “the word journey in the title implied a voyage aboard a tall ship to me,” said Ortiz. “Since the Enterprise has no tall sails, I compensated by cropping in close and evoking the tall sail image.”

For The Return of the Archons, the Sunday paper was the inspiration for Ortiz. “For some reason I pictured an article or story in the Sunday paper with this image of the two sentinels,” said Ortiz. “When I was a kid, I used to love going through all the papers on Sunday. I’m sure it was a ritual in many homes before the computer. Creating artwork for newspapers is what editorial illustration is all about. I would do it every day.”

Plato’s Stepchildren, not a fan favorite, was Ortiz’s favorite this month, but not for the artwork itself. “My personal favorite is Plato’s Stepchildren,” said Ortiz. “Not so much for the illustration, but for the episode’s history behind it. When placed into context, it’s Star Trek at its boldest”

The set of four prints will sell for $34.95 and will be available for pre-order soon at


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