Shatner Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip


A call from Kentucky artist Douwe Blumberg to William Shatner has led to plans for a cross-country motorcycle trip for the eighty-two-year-old Shatner.

Known to Shatner as a former horse trader turned sculptor, Blumberg told Shatner that he wanted to do a motorcycle for his next project.

And then, a chance encounter at a convention led to a motorcycle shop owner offering to make a custom motorcycle for Shatner, for free. “I said, ‘ooh!” said Shatner. “Because a motorcycle for free made for you; how could that be bad?”

Shatner decided that the motorcycle company, American Wrench, and Blumberg should get together, calling it a “practical way” to get the motorcycle art on a bike.

After a flurry of phone calls, the motorcycle artwork is in progress and has expanded to three motorcycles.

“So the idea is, we’ll make three motorcycles,” said Shatner. “One I’ll take, and I’ll drive it from Chicago to L.A. And these other two will be for sale… we’ll announce it at some point, and we’ll sell two. … What a thrill to drive a motorcycle cross country.”


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