Trek Exclusive Ornament At Two Upcoming Comic-Cons


One of the three exclusive ornaments to be sold at the San Diego Comic-Con next month will be a Star Trek ornament.

The other two ornaments are based on Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and this summer’s Superman Man of Steel movie.

The Star Trek ornament is the USS Kelvin, based on the ship of the same name featured in the beginning of 2009’s Star Trek movie.

The USS Kelvin ornament to be offered at Comic-Con features battery-powered light, and is a “battle-scarred” variant of the same Keepsake Ornament that will go on sale July 13 in Hallmark Gold Crown stores.

Other Trek ornaments making their debut next month include Montgomery Scott, and a Star Trek Arena ornament.

The “battle-scarred” variant USS Kelvin will be “limited to 175 pieces per day at each event for a total production run of 1,575. The ornament will sell for $35.

Those attending this year’s San Diego Comic-con, which takes place July 18-21, will get a sneak peek of next year’s ornaments.

For those on the East Coast, the same three ornaments will be offered at the New York Comic Con, to be held October 10-13.

Source: PRWeb

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