Stewart In Hunting Elephants

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A new trailer has been released for Hunting Elephants, an Israeli film starring Sir Patrick Stewart.

In Hunting Elephants, Stewart takes on the role of an “eccentric British peer who gets involved with a group of Israelis planning to rob a bank.”

Hunting Elephants is the story of Jonathan (Gil Blank), a twelve-year-old Israeli boy who loses his father in a freak accident in a bank. The bank denies fault in the accident and to add insult to injury, starts the process of repossessing the family’s home.

Needing money to avoid losing his family home, Jonathan decides to rob the bank, and gathers a team of three nursing home senior citizens to help him.

Directed by Reshef Levy, Hunting Elephants stars Stewart, Sasson Gabai, and Moni Moshonov. The film will open in Israel on July 4 at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

Source: Press Release

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