Star Trek Into Darkness Box Office

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The latest domestic box office figures are in, and Star Trek into Darkness is in eight place overall.

The movie earned $5,660,000 this weekend, for a grand total of $210,490,700.

The figures for last weekend are as follows (Weekend and overall figures):

  • Man of Steel   $113 million
  • This is the End   $20.5 million
  • Now You See Me   $10.3 million ($80 million)
  • Fast and Furious 6   $9.4 million ($219.6 million)
  • The Purge   $8 million ($51.8 million)
  • The Internship   $7 million ($30.9 million)
  • Epic   $6 million ($95.4 million)
  • Star Trek into Darkness   $5.6 million ($210.4 million)


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