Restored Shuttle Galileo To Land In Texas

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Once the Star Trek Shuttlecraft Galileo is fully restored this summer, it will have a permanent home in Houston, Texas.

The Galileo will be landing at Space Center Houston as a permanent exhibition.

Star Trek fan and collector Adam Schneider purchased the Galileo and has set about restoring the prop, and then set about looking for a new home in which to display it once the work is finished. “”We had a conversation early on with Adam,” said Space Center Houston spokesman Jack Moore, ” and he called and he was interested in having Space Center Houston display Galileo, and we were certainly interested as well and we wanted to learn more about the project. So we all got together and we showed Adam around Space Center Houston and took him over to Johnson Space Center and really reiterated that this is the home for human space flying, and it really was a perfect fit.”

The Galileo will be displayed at Space Center Houston’s Zero-G Diner. “[Galileo] really fits well in that area because we have a lot of high-energy activities,” said Moore. “We have character shows, so it puts it into an environment that really has a lot more energy; it’s a little bit more fanciful and it separates it from the artifact galleries where we have the actual flown vehicles.”

The Galileo exhibit will be available to view with a general admission purchase. It is expected to arrive at Space Center Houston by the end of the summer.

Details about the ongoing restoration can be found on The Galileo Restoration’s Facebook page.

Source: Houston Press

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