New Star Trek Diamond Select Toys Merchandise

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Two new items from Diamond Select Toys will be of interest to original series and Star Trek: The Next Generation fans.

The items are a Spock Bust Bank, and a TNG Enterprise Silicone Tray.

The Spock Bust Bank is 8″ high and will be the first in a new series of Star Trek vinyl bust banks.

The TNG Enterprise Silicone Tray is “ideal for creating ice cubes, Jell-O, and chocolate in the shape of the Enterprise, or the Starfleet insignia.

Beginning Friday, both of these products will be available for pre-order; the Spock Bust Bank selling for $20.99, and the TNG Enterprise Silicone Tray for $14.99. Pre-order the Spock Bust Bank here and the TNG Enterprise Silicone Tray here.

Both items will be released in December.


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