Urban: Bone’s Metaphors


For fans of Dr. McCoy’s metaphors, there were plenty of them in Star Trek into Darkness.

A complaint about the amount led to an unexpected result for Urban. Mild spoilers behind the cut.
Urban admitted that there were “a few” metaphors in the movie. “I was talking to J.J. as we were going through some of the scenes on the bridge, and I sort of noticed that a lot of my lines were metaphors,” he said. “So I went up to him and said, ‘Look, there’s a lot of metaphors here, like three in a row. Can we take one of these out so I’m not some metaphor man?'”

Not only did Abrams not take them out, he did something unexpected to address Urban’s complaint. “And his response to that was to give a line to Captain Kirk pointing out that I was speaking in metaphors,” said Urban. “It was quite hilarious.”

Urban had a favorite amongst the metaphors. “I think probably, ‘Don’t rob a gas station with a flat tire,'” he said.

Source: io9

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