Two New Star Trek Into Darkness Character Videos

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The latest videos featuring characters from Star Trek into Darkness went online today, and the videos feature Carol Marcus and Hikaru Sulu.

The videos show some Star Trek into Darkness scenes and interviews with Alice Eve and John Cho. Mild spoilers are behind the cut.

Carol Marcus is introduced as Science Officer Wallace, and fans will find out in the film why she is using a different surname. But for Spock, her identity is not the problem; her presence is. “Spock’s threatened by her position and where her specialty lies,” said Eve. “But also Spock is quite close to Kirk and I think he’s maybe threatened by that as well.”

Director J.J. Abrams explained the necessity for the character’s presence in the film. “What we needed was someone who felt like a very different flavor from everyone else in the cast,” he explained, “and yet would fit in, in a wonderful way, and become part of the team.”

“To me, this movie is about morality more than anything else, and the stakes could not be bigger,” said John Cho. “This is a movie…that is heavy with ideas and questions. That to me is Star Trek at its best, which is asking the biggest questions possible using fictional and fantastical variables.”

Source: Comic Book

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