Twins On Playing Kirk’s Caitian Friends


For twins Katie and Kellie Cockrell, taking on the role of the two Caitians came with challenges.

The first challenge was getting into bed with actor Chris Pine.

“It was really fun but also really intimidating because Chris Pine is obviously not bad looking,” said Kellie. “He’s really handsome and very charismatic, and the whole thing can be a little intimidating.”

Another challenge was the makeup process involved in becoming Caitian. “We did ten to twelve makeup days, which are full days, twelve hours on set at least, sitting in a makeup chair with these really great special effects makeup people,” said Katie. “We tried a ton of different things. One of the first things we got done was a head cast; Kellie went first she’s a little bit more brave then I am so she was calm, but when I was doing it, I was having panic attacks because it’s so claustrophobic and you can’t take it off for ten minutes.”

“They made prosthetic ears [and] prosthetic noses; in the movie we have these kind of scale type things. Our characters are cats, and for our tails, when we were filming the scene, there was a special effects guy sitting right behind us actually moving the tails.”

The women have moved on to their next project, an independent film titled Feels So Good. “It’s a teenage comedy,” said Kelly. “It was really fun.”

Source: Salt Lake Magazine

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