Star Trek Into Darkness CD And Album

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More details have emerged regarding Michael Giacchino‘s Star Trek into Darkness soundtrack.

The soundtrack for Star Trek into Darkness will be released both in an audio CD format, and as a vinyl record.

The track list is below:

  • Logos/Pranking The Natives (3:01)
  • Spock Drops, Kirk Jumps (1:43)
  • Sub Prime Directive* (2:23)
  • London Calling (2:09)
  • Meld-merized (2:40)
  • The Kronos Wartet (5:25)
  • Brigadoom (3:41)
  • Ship To Ship (2:50)
  • Earthbound And Down (2:37)
  • Warp Core Values (2:56)
  • Buying The Space Farm (3:17)
  • The San Fran Hustle (5:00)
  • Kirk Enterprises* (3:00)
  • Star Trek Main Theme* (3:25)

Samples of the music can be found on Giacchino’s webpage.

The CD and album will be released later this month, sometime on or after the 14th.

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Source: Darren Bracey's Blogvia Music by Michael Giacchino

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