Star Trek And NASA Meetup


This morning, Damon Lindelof, Chris Pine, Alice Eve and John Cho joined astronauts Mike Finke, Kjell Lindgren (Houston), and Chris Cassidy (on the ISS) in an hour-long NASA broadcast in a “space bridge” webcast at Google+ Hangout.

J.J. Abrams, due to attend, was unable to do so, but submitted his intriguing question via taped video.

“I talked to an astronaut once,” said Abrams, “who told me that on one of his missions, he actually did see something that was very strange, that he couldn’t explain, that actually made him believe in extraterrestrial life. And my question to you is have either of you seen anything that made you believe that or something that you couldn’t explain, couldn’t understand that you didn’t really necessarily report to the public, but do you want to share with us now?”

“That was a great question,” said Finke. “We get that question a lot.”

See the video below for the answer!

Source: NASA Television

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