Saldana: Humor On The Set


Although the Star Trek into Darkness story got tense at times, the actors found lots of time for humor on the set.

“We do a lot of beaming in this film,” said Saldana, and that led to funny moments on the set.

“All the ‘beam me up, Scotty’ stuff is really super funny,” said Saldana. “They can hardly ever use the first or second take.

“I’ll start laughing. Chris Pine will laugh. Zach laughs. Even J.J. Abrams will burst into laughing now and then because you’re standing there wearing the costume, perfectly still, and you have to imagine your every molecule being sent into space.”

Sometimes, the actors, including Saldana, would dare to sit in the captain’s chair. “I think all of us sat in the captain’s chair every now and then,” said Saldana. “Then Chris would walk across the bridge and say, ‘Can you please get out of my chair?'”

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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