Pine: Bulking Up

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While the ladies of Star Trek into Darkness were concerned with slimming down for the movie, Chris Pine needed to add a few pounds.

Like Alice Eve, Pine turned to spinach to assist him in his weight goals.

Pine’s go-to food for protein to build muscle was chicken and spinach. But eating more and eating more often caused problems.

“I put on twenty pounds, which was just constant, constant eating all the time,” said Pine. “I just felt chunky. Sitting in that gold shirt and chair…I was eating so much that I would be going into a shot and I would inevitably drip something onto my shirt so they actually had to make more shirts.

“They created a verb out of it and every time that that happened they would say that I’d ‘Pine’d’ myself. (They’d say).’Yep, Pine has just Pine’d himself.'”

Pine has since dropped the weight, which wasn’t easy. “I think something happens when you pass thirty,” he said regarding the difficulty he had in getting rid of the extra weight once shooting was complete.

Source: Contact Music

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