Pegg: It Made Me Sick

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Some of the filming on Star Trek into Darkness was so intense, that it made actor Simon Pegg physically ill.

J.J. Abrams preferred to have sets as real as possible, avoiding the use of CG whenever he could. So large sets were built on which to film.

“The set we had now was the biggest ever rendering of the Starship Enterprise in the history of the Star Trek story,” said Pegg. “We had a bridge that was connected to a corridor that went through to the medbay, engineering and the transporter room, so you could do long walking and talking scenes, and get a sense of the ship’s size.”

In one of his scenes, Pegg, returning from having a heavy lunch one day, expected a rather sedate dialogue-heavy scene, but faced an action scene instead, with unfortunate results. The actor was told to run from one end of a hangar to the other end as fast as he could.

Pegg did the scene. Abrams had him do it twice more, and that last take was the fateful one for Pegg. He had to apologize and run off of the set to be ill. “I saw things that I was sure I had eaten in the 1970s,” he said. “It was quite dramatic.”

Source: io9

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