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Part of the fun of shooting Star Trek for John Cho was being in a different ship and sitting in “that chair.”

Cho has been a Trek fan since the days of Star Trek: The Next Generation and he got a real kick out of sitting in the captain’s chair.

“I tried to avoid sitting in the captain’s chair until it happened, but it felt good,” he said. “It’s elevated. It’s not the most comfortable chair in the world. It’s really big and it’s kind of hard, but it feels amazing.

“You really have to stop going outside and looking at yourself in the chair because it feels cool. You have to contain yourself and be in the moment. It was special.”

In the opening sequence of the film, Cho has a scene in another ship and the actor really enjoyed that. “I guess I can talk about the opening sequence, since it was part of the nine minutes that a lot of people saw,” he said. “That was me, Zach and Zoe. That was fun. It was some high-flying antics for Sulu. It was a chance to be in another ship; that’s what I took away from it. It was so cool. I can’t tell you how nifty it is to be in one of those vehicles and to pretend that you’re piloting it, because nobody gets to see what we see, which is that every detail of the design is so perfect. It makes our job, one, easy, because you don’t have to pretend to be doing things. You can feel like you’re really just doing them. And, two, it’s just a beautiful design. It doesn’t make it on to the screen, a lot of it. Let’s just say I took a lot of video.”

Source: The Starvia

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